Courage, ch. 1
There’s something pretty special about them; the way they love, it’s so extraordinary.

Blaine sat alone at his usual table at the local café, as he waited for his companion. Today he was dressed not in his Dalton uniform, but in khaki short pants, brown oxfords, a light blue button down shirt and a burgundy bowtie. His hair was gelled perfectly in place. He was feeling quite dapper today and he noticed a few girls in line for their coffee, were glancing at him every so often. He couldn’t help but blush and smile, which only made them look over more often.
He peeked at his watch which read 1 o’ clock on the dot. Just as he looked up, his other half, Kurt, came walking through the entrance of their favorite café. He walked right over to Blaine, greeted him with a soft kiss on his lips, and sat down across from him. The girls in line all murmured in disappointment, but also exclaimed at how “sweet” of a couple they were.
Just as Kurt was sitting down, Blaine took the moment to notice Kurt’s outfit. Dark denim jeans that hugged his hips just right, his favorite white Doc Martens with black piping, and a black cardigan over a grey v-neck shirt. They were both sunning and they knew it. Blaine pushed forward the coffee he had ordered for Kurt and put his hand in the center of the table, signaling for Kurt to hold it. They looked into each others eyes and just stared silently for about a minute.
After a few minutes of sweet small talk they both stood up, still hand in hand, ready to leave.
“I need my hand for a moment,” Blaine said as he set his coffee back down and reached for his wallet from his back pocket. He dropped a 5 on the table, folded his wallet back into his pocket and picked up his drink again. “Ready?” he asked holding out his hand again. They left the café and headed for a nearby park.
The weather was lovely during the Spring season. The air was crisp and smelt of mint and wet earth. The grass at the park was freshly cut, the hedges trimmed. Not a single piece of trash in sight to soil such a lovely place.
Blaine and Kurt sat on the center bench of the three that were in front of a small pond. On both outside benches were elderly couples, both snuggled together, hand in hand, loving each other. The couple on their left looked up from each other and glared at them with disgust. They gathered themselves and left the bench in a hurry. Kurt chuckled at their actions and scooted closer to his boyfriend, resting his head on Blaine’s shoulder. The elderly couple to their right looked up once the others walked away, to see why. They simply smiled at the two young boys and went back to their quiet enjoyment.
“You look very handsome today,” Kurt said softly. Blaine’s face went a deep scarlet and he replied, “It’s the bowtie, isn’t it?” He could feel Kurt laughing next to him.
“Oh yes, it’s definitely the bowtie, Blaine. You know, I think the Glee club and I are going to have a little intervention for you. You’re addicted to wearing bowties.”
“Blasphemy. I can stop wearing bowties any time I want.” Blaine laughed. “I just choose not to stop.”

The boys lost track of time talking and laughing to each other in the park. It was dark before they realized they had been sitting there for a few hours. “I’d better get you home, the sun’s going down now and it’s a little windy,” Blaine murmured in Kurt’s ear after kissing it.
“But we just sat down,” Kurt said as his eyes opened, adjusting to the dramatic change in light over the last five minutes.
“I know. I don’t want to go either, but I owe it to your father to be a good boyfriend and have you home at a responsible hour.”
“My dad’s out with Carol for the week, though. Spending quality time with the Hudson family.”
Blaine hesitated for a moment. “And Finn?”
“He’s spending the day with Rachel. The house is empty, Blaine.” Kurt stood up from the bench and held out his hand for his lover.
The two boys were now on the sidewalk, on their way to the Hummel house. They weren’t too far, only two more blocks.
“You know, Kurt, you’re very special to me.” Blaine said as they rounded a corner. “And I really like spending time with you.” Kurt didn’t know if a response would ruin the moment so he just kept silent. “But I’d like to spend a bit more time with you. We only ever see each other on the weekends and sometimes weekdays. It’s not enough.”
“Come over tonight.”
“Come over to my house tonight. I completely agree with you, Blaine. I don’t see you as much as I’d like to, and I think that it would be good for us to spend a bit more time together.” Blaine smiled warmly and put his arm around Kurt’s shoulders.
As Kurt and Blaine were entering the Hummel residence, there wasn’t a car to be seen, the only light on was the porch light, and the spare key rock was out by the front door.
“So… you’re sure no one’s here?” Blaine said quietly as Kurt took the key from the rock and unlocked the door.
“Positive, Blaine. Follow me.” He grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house, locking the door behind them. “Do you want something to drink? Eat?” Kurt offered. Blaine passed. “Come on.” He led him to his bedroom at the top of the stairs and shut the door quietly.
“You know, I really love this game,” Kurt said as he turned on the Nintendo and put in Super Mario Bros.
“Kurt, I think every ninety’s child loved Mario.”
“Yeah, but I’m awesome at it,” Kurt chuckled.
“In that case… How about Winner kisses Loser?” Blaine asked smugly.
“Oh, you’ll get a kiss, alright.”
“Someone’s confident. I like this.”
“I’ll give you a chance, don’t worry.”
“You will?” Kurt nodded. “Good, because Winner also gets to choose the plans for the rest of the night.”


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